Totally Accessible Bathroom Service In Los Angeles CA

We can provide various product fittings and options for handicap bathroom designs in Los Angeles California. It will include handicap toilets which are using right ADA toilet height and grab bars, handicap showers and bathtubs with options for walk-in tubs or walk-in tub & shower combos, handicap shower seats, ADA sink design. It also includes additional customizable features to increase therapeutic comfort and ease-of-use. You may contact our experts today to obtain a free estimate or to get the data about our products and services in Los Angeles CA.

How do you plan a bathroom for easy access

The bathroom is a location in your house that poses the highest risks of injury for the seniors. Reports stated that over 60% of emergency room visits from people with disabilities and seniors are due to injuries in the bathroom.

The best choice for you will be a handicap bathroom built to prevent these accidents.

If you’re referring to safety, a person with mobility challenges must make sure that their bathroom is designed ADA compliant. Additional safety mechanisms recommended by a professional are also needed including the fitting of grab bars on high risk areas.

If you will add extra safeguards, you can guarantee that the bathroom will be free from danger.

Handicap bathroom design

You will need to focus on some important areas when you are designing a handicap bathroom.

Exit and entry accessibility & general bathroom use – An ADA compliant bathroom would require a size that will allow the user to be positioned properly in front of sinks and other fixtures while they are in a wheelchair or other equipment to assist with mobility. There must be about thirtyfour inch-50 inch of space in front of fixtures like toilet, sinks and bathtubs. The space should also allow for two people to occupy the bathroom at one time so assistance may be provided to a person in a wheelchair when needed.

The door must also be wide enough to allow entry for a wheelchair and very similar equipment. The door should be easy to operate for a person who is using a wheelchair.

Use of lighting – The light switches should be low enough for all the bathroom occupants. If the switches are quite high, you must install a motion detector in your ADA bathroom layout. You should be sure that plenty of light will be available from a single switch.

bathroom sinks – For an ADA bathroom sink height, it should be twenty-seven incheses above knee level and no cabinets below it so people using a wheelchair can access it.

Showers and bathing areas – You must be sure that the handicap bathtub you will install has an entrance with at least thirty-six ins. in width. Roll-in showers, walk-in tubs or walk-in tub shower combos may be a wonderful choice.

You must try to find models with entrances at floor level and ADA compliant. Grab bars and seating are very important components to ADA showering systems and you have to guarantee that the seating will support the weight of the individual who will use it.

bathroom toilets – For ADA toilets, they must have a height of 17 inch-19 inch and provide a support mechanism for the user. It is also important to have a grab bar with the right length and height and it must provide the support that you want. Ideally, it will be better if 2may be installed thirty-six ins. in width apart from each other and should be placed on each side of the toilet.

The fitting must be done in a way that a person using a wheelchair can move freely inside. You must choose a good toilet seat for added comfort and the fixtures should be within a person’s reach. Be sure that the bathroom requirements are met in your ADA bathroom layout plan.


ADA roll-in showers – barrier-free fast installs Los Angeles CA

You can recover the self-confidence of people who are coping with mobility challenges if you can give them the freedom to bath with tiny support. the top manufacturers offer high quality and cost effective solutions for roll-in showers in Los Angeles California that are ADA compliant. They can also give advance safety features to make your bath time fun.

We’re offering product and installation services for ADA roll-in showers for the top brands in the market at this time, backed by a reliable warranty. We always buy in bulk so it allows us to pass the savings to our customers and offer high quality products for less. Prior to deciding, you can contact us at this time to acquire a free estimate or to get info about our residential or commercial roll-in shower systems.

What is a roll-in shower and will it help?

A roll-in shower can certainly be regarded as a barrier-free showering system that will likely be accessible for people who are using a wheelchair. The American Disability Association or ADA can give a set of standards to guarantee that your roll-in shower or a barrier-free shower is ADA compliant.

ADAAG requirements are positioned for height clearance for the shower pan and shower entrance, installations, right shower sizes and safety mechanisms.

the top manufacturers offer solutions for residential and commercial applications for ADA barrier-free showers that are current with ADAAG requirements.

If your shower system is not yet on the level of safety and comfort that would help you with your mobility challenges, the top manufacturers offer a roll-in shower solution that would be consistent with the ADA guidelines. It will likely be built with safety features like grab bar type with a custom height, your choice of seating area and custom sizing for safe exit and entry.

Our roll-in shower solutions:

We offer showering systems coming from the top manufacturers that may offer a higher build quality and other additional features and customizations for better functionality. Additional information may actually be needed before you make a decision and our product experts will likely be available to assist you over the phone.

Aquatic – Aquatic barrier-free showers can offer numerous system types, finishes, material make up, sizes, compliance requirements and safety. They are functional and stylish and they will likely be an excellent choice fit for different types of mobility equipment.

Sterling – This is a product manufacturer known to create high integrity systems. Sterling barrier-free showers are actually created from highly durable Vikrell material and they are available in their 63″ ADA shower along with an option for the seat on the right or left. Their ADA shower actually has Age-in-Place backers for grab bar installation.

Freedom – Freedom can offer accessible showers, ADA showers and other additional options for seating, grab bar types and size and shower pans. They actually have barrier-free systems available in 64″ x 35″ or you can get a more compact sizing. It could also be installed easily in any residential or commercial building.

Mirolin – This is highly spacious and it is available with a safety grab bar and convenient shelving. Mirolin’s line of access undoubtedly looks great and they are made to meet many standards. Other features include customizable grab bar configuration and multi seating options.

Clarion – Clarion’s barrier free showers can offer different sets of sizes, finishes and safety options. Installations are very simple and straightforward and they are backed by a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Florestone – Florestone can offer high value ADA compliant barrier-free showering systems with a reasonable rate without cutting corners on performance and quality. These systems are very easy to install and Florestone can offer additional comfort and safety features.

High Quality Walk-in Bathtubs & Installations Los Angeles

Cozy Tubs is a premier product and service provider of walk-in bathtubs and they give the best walk-in tubs in the market for an inexpensive price. We are purchasing by bulk so we usually pass the savings to our customers and offer the cheapest pricing possible.

Instead of accepting a less expensive product from a manufacturer that you do not know, you can now have your own walk-in tubs in Los Angeles CA and obtain bathing products from the brands that you know such as Koehler, Whirlpool, Homeward Bath and more.

Installation done right the first time!

The installation is convenient and fast and it will be done by our professional team for the entire walk-in bathtubs and showering system selection.

You can obtain the specifics for any project size from out top level contractors and get your installation booked. We will guarantee that your walk-in bathtub will be effectively installed depending on the manufacturer specifications and it will be backed by our quality workmanship warranty.

You can give us a call right now to obtain free product information on any of our systems or if you have questions on our service.

Did you know?

Most of the accidents experienced by seniors and people who are mobility challenged happen inside the bathroom. It will be very dangerous for your health and well-being to move around in your bathroom once you get and bathing will be very difficult as well.

You just need a few bucks a day and you can feel safe and your confidence will improve with a new walk-in tub. It will give you the feeling like you are in the spa every time you take a bath.

You will have a more tranquil sleep and your energy will grow. There are a lot of benefits that you can obtain from this.

Featured walk-in tub systems:

The MG Deluxe actually mixes ADA compliant features with luxurious features in a well-crafted composite acrylic bathtub which is finished with polished stainless steel and a tempered glass framed door.

This is a nice contemporary design that will look amazing in any bathroom style and it is also loaded with features like a 10 jet hydrotherapy system, a fast draining feature, 17″ high extra wide seating area with a pillow rest and more.

The M3048 matches seamlessly in a 48″ shower tall with over a 30″ depth and it can be moved in most doorways with ease. It provides a capacity of 57 gallons and also a size that will make any person comfortable when bathing.

This unit also comes with an outstanding parts warranty and it is loaded with great features and popular spa features like hydrotherapy, a handheld deluxe massage shower head and more for a very attractive price.

The Belay, alternatively, has a wide door and extra low step over threshold, handrails that are very easy to hold on to and comfortably positioned for easy access. It has advanced no-slip flooring, heated seating and neck area, adjustable jets and also a 3 speed massage feature.

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The Best Spot For Walk-in Bathtubs In Los Angeles California

Cozy Tubs is your ideal destination if you’d like to ensure that getting a walk-in tub will be quick and stress-free. We provide different items from top rated brands like Kohler, Hydro Systems and Whirlpool.

We have a large selection of walk-in tubs in Los Angeles California, which combines the safety features and the best spa features available today. If you want a safe and revitalizing bathing experience that won’t break your budget, this is your best option.

Since we purchase in bulk, and pass the savings down to our consumers, we could offer better prices for walk-in tubs and installations anywhere around. We have been trusted by a lot of people for 12 years and we are still growing.

Before making a decision, contact us to find out more about our walk-in bathtub solutions.

Why get a walk-in bathtub

As mobility gets to be more difficult, and safety gets to be more of a concern, walk-in tubs offer a tremendous amount of benefits which are hard to neglect. A simple switch to a new walk-in bathtub could make bathing less of a stressful task, while offering a tremendous amount of therapeutic aid.

Walk-in bathtubs will absolutely be a fantastic choice since it won’t just help you save your time, make your sleep more peaceful and increase your energy, but it’ll also increase safety and lessen the need for assistance during bathing tasks.

Your Safety Matters

Statistically, most home injuries that affect adults over the age of 67 happen near or around the bathtub. Having a bathtub where you could move in and out safely is of utmost importance to your health.

You will find a lot of options available that can help you afford a walk-in bathtub including saving programs for seniors, low monthly payments, and reduced prices, there is however no price tag you could put on your health.

Our walk-in tub features:

Our walk-in tubs are built for stability and longevity using fiberglass-reinforced acrylic for maximum strength and a quality finish.

-A step-in tub with a low step over threshold developed to offer safety and comfort. Each and every model we carry has the smallest step over area today and we combine with a large walk-in door so you could move in and out effortlessly.

-The walk-in door is created tough and carefully tested to make certain its water proofing capabilities will last for the lifetime you will own your step-in tub.

-A sloping back rest with a spa like feel and a built-in curved and contoured seat up to 17 inches.

-Textured non-slip flooring, spacious compact design and a comfortable grab bar.

Our deluxe walk-in tub model with jets and spa features include:

-Deluxe massage system with a legs only massage feature, deluxe spa feature contains a premium hydrotherapy system.

-Custom curved seating and luxury backrest, touch panel controls for fast adjustment of temperature and speed.

-Drain water within a few minutes with its fast drain feature.

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The Walk-in Shower Specialists In Los Angeles California

If you wish to look for a walk-in showering system, we’re just a call away. We have been the shop to consider if you’d like custom bath and showering systems and we’ve been a popular choice for more than 12 years. Our designs are elegant and spacious and it could be equipped with popular features that will provide you with a calming spa-like experience every time you hit the shower.

You could check out our extensive list of walk-in showers in Los Angeles CA from the best brands like Ella, Sterling and Dreamline and they come in various sizes that will fit any type of bathroom.

These brands also provide selections for safety features such as comfortably positioned and easy-to-hold grab-bar, low floor threshold and a high weight supporting seating area.

You could enjoy an energizing shower experience with our walk-in shower which can be customized to blend into any theme or background.

We are also proud of our installation team because they’re friendly and fast. All of our work is backed by our quality workmanship warranty. You could always contact us for a free quote or to ask about our products and services.

Cutting-edge features:

Our walk-in showers are created from a high quality composite material. The installation is fairly basic and painless since the system is put together with the use of interlocking joints that form waterproof seals.

It only implies that there won’t be any caulking needed during the installation. We can provide a better design that is both durable and easy to maintain. You only need to wipe clean and it’s done.

Our products are available in 38 inches 48 inches or 60 inches options together with a low walk over threshold. It also has a built in convenient seating that is covered by an optional extra thick cushion that can support up to 300 lbs.

It also contains a well-positioned grab bar which has been tested for safety, anti-slip flooring and a multi-functional detachable showerhead with a fast on and off button. This walk-in shower is spacious for sitting and standing and it’s built to offer safety, comfort and independence.

There are also some models containing the Deluxe Econo that can help you save about 9000 gallons of water annually.

The systems we offer:

Sterling – This is a brand that is smooth and easy and extremely spacious. Sterling also provides high quality walk-in showers with seats made from Vikrell, which is known as a material made for extra durability in a smooth finish. This is very simple to use and extremely consistent with the structural needs of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) like a low threshold for easy access and a reinforced grab bar. Sterling walk-in shower kits are easy to install and they are designed to match any interior.

Ella – It’s a well-designed walk-in shower with a molded seat design and a low threshold. Ella is offering a durable walk-in shower that makes use of marine gel coating layer over a fiberglass base to create a well-crafted finish. It’s a walk-in shower that is stylish and contains trustworthy safety features.

Dreamline – As a global shower brand-name, Dreamline is known for its quality and cost-effective walk-in shower kits and solutions for seated showers. We can provide many options through Dreamline when it comes to walk-in shower designs and dimensions.

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Walk-in Tub & Shower Combination In Los Angeles California

If you will use our walk-in tub shower combination units in Los Angeles CA, you can opt to bath in a roomy walk-in tub along with the safety and comfort features that you need and take a warm, relaxing shower.

With this new shower combination unit, you can have your walk-in tub with no need to say goodbye to having a shower in your bathroom.

You may pick from a wide range of walk-in tub shower combos in Los Angeles California that provide safety features and amenities such as heated reclined seating, easy-to-operate control panel for hydrotherapy and more.

We’ve been installing walk-in tubs in Los Angeles CA for 12 years and more from the best brands in walk-in tub manufacturing. With our large quantity purchasing, our customers can enjoy a greater quality product for a lower cost. You may contact us for free information or to schedule a live in-home demo.

Our walk-in tub shower features:

We have comfortable sizes that would fit any bathroom space. Our models have a range of 45″ to 61″ in length and it has a roomy width with twenty-six” to twenty-eight” and you can also have an option of 30″ in width for our deluxe models. To help maximize room efficiency, our walk-in tub shower units may be installed anywhere in your bathroom.

We provide better safety features and design. If you will check our tub & shower combos, they always have a low threshold step-over area for easy access, extra wide door with options for swinging outward or inward, a slip resistant flooring, comfortably positioned grab bars, roomy interior, heated seating area and a one-click fast locking feature.

We can provide comfort and therapeutic benefits. Our models have reclined seating that can support your shoulders and upper back and it can help relieve tension when bathing. It also features easy-to-navigate touch controls for hydrotherapy, optional aromatherapy, fast drain button and massaging jets. They also have multi functional detachable handheld showerhead installed on a height bar to help lower and raise desired level.

Be Intelligent When Buying

You can find several things that you may need to keep in mind for a successful installation including the best system that would work for you. We can help remove needless headaches and provide with a product that you will enjoy for years. Listed below are some of the things that you need to watch out for.

You have to understand that the measurements of the walk-in tub & shower that you will chose might not always fit in the doorways outside of the house, the halls or the toilet. Fundamentally, you will need to pay to have doorframes if you wish to bring to the desired area.

There’s a big possibility that you will have to update your water heater if you wish to manage the higher water requirements caused by not choosing the right bathtub shower combo. You should already expect a rise in your monthly water bills because you may need to fill a big tub with 40 to 80 gallons of water when you take a bath.

This will undoubtedly increase utility costs and you will need to install an additional electrical heating unit.

You’ll also need to pay to change your pipes to link the bath and have it run correctly. You may need to buy an additional high-speed pump or drain to drain the water quickly.

You should also know that the toilet flooring may require additional structural support to handle the weight of the bathtub when it is filled up with water.

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Learn More about Cozy Tub’s Service in the LA area

Our walk-in tubs in the LA areaCozy Tubs offers service in the Los Angeles area for a large variety of accessible bathing products. We specialize in walk-in tubs, walk-in showers, roll-in showers and accessible bathroom design and installations.

Find a large variety of products from well-known and reliable brands like Kohler, Sterling, and Ella for much less than anywhere in the Los Angeles area. Because of our large purchasing power, we simply pass the savings down to our customers, which means you get a higher quality product for a fraction of the retail cost. Compare our products and see the difference.

Our installation team is fast and can handle any size project small or large. Our installations are always done according to manufacture specifications for any our walk-in tubs or walk-in shower systems ensuring that your product warranty will always cover your purchase.

We offer service for both residential and commercial type applications, and offer a Quality workmanship warranty on all of our work.

Our popular walk-in tub models

Walk in bathtubs offered by: Safety Tubs, Ariel, Homeward Bath, Universal, and Total Care Bathing. Choose between our different models including the MG-301 Deluxe, the M-3048 and the Belay which include the hydrotherapy deluxe massage feature.

Walk in shower for every bathroom type

We carry a large variety of walk-in shower kits made from a high quality composite material put together using interlocking joints making them completely water-proof without the need of using caulk or any other binding material. Installations are fast and can be done in as quick as one day. We offer many product options from Sterling, Ella, Dreamline and Aquatic accessible and can also do custom walk-in shower designs and installations.

Roll-in showers that are ADA complaintWalk in bathtubs Cozy Tubs Los Angeles

If you’re looking for quality accessible bath products, look no further. We have one of the largest variety of ADA roll-in shower systems in LA from reliable brands like Freedom, Clarion, and Florestone. Designed with the lowest floor threshold in the popular 64” x 35” or in more compact sizes for smaller bathrooms. We offer installations for residential and commercial bathrooms.

A better accessible bathroom solution

Accessibility is a growing concern among our senior and disabled folks. Many residential homes and commercial locations have become more accessible-friendly but it can still be difficult to people with mobility challenges to find a usable bathroom at a time of need. We offer a large selection of accessible bathroom products in Los Angeles that are ADA compliant for residential and commercial bathrooms.

There is a Difference

I’ve heard that many people do lots of cleaning in the spring.  I, on the other hand, only clean my office when I can’t stand the clutter anymore.  Such was the case a few weeks ago.  As I was reorganizing some things on my shelves, I found a pile of old business cards.

It was interesting.  They listed my name and my education.  Everything was spelled correctly.  Pretty standard stuff.  It was the job title that made me pause.  Disability Awareness Specialist.

That would have been a perfectly fine description of what I do a few years ago.  These days not so much.  Today I would call myself a Disability Empowerment Specialist.

What is the difference between disability awareness and disability empowerment?

To me, disability awareness is just that.  Being aware that there are people with disabilities in society and some use certain accommodations.  Accessible parking and bigger bathrooms for wheelchair users. Some people who are deaf use sign language to communicate or maybe they utilize the services of a sign language interpreter.  Some people who are blind use a white cane to navigate their surroundings.  Awareness is in no way a bad thing.

Disability empowerment, on the other hand, goes a step further.  When someone is practicing disability empowerment, they might encounter a person who is deaf using an interpreter to communicate and ask how to say “hello” in sign language so they can begin to communicate with the person who is deaf on their own.

Someone who is practicing disability empowerment might also see someone who is blind and using a white cane and ask if they need any assistance.  If the answer is affirmative, and what is needed is communicated, then maybe offer to describe the room.  Maybe they would even offer their arm after a person who is blind asked for help getting where they needed to go.

We have come a long way in society when it comes to people with disabilities.  It is now pretty commonplace for a ramp to be at an entrance to a building and to have larger doorways and hallways throughout.  As a wheelchair user, I appreciate that.  And I always will.  Because I remember the time when the world was quite different.

These days, when I talk about inclusion, I am mostly talking about an attitude.  Does society truly want to include people with disabilities and treat us as equals?  If so, then most of society would do well to practice disability empowerment as often as possible.

My hope is that most people won’t settle for just being aware when it comes to how they interact with people with disabilities.  Instead, I want people to practice disability empowerment.

It looks like I may have to splurge on some new business cards.

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